As a past Hospice Administrator, and having 20 years’ experience within the Healthcare environment, and as Founder and Senior Healthcare Advisor of Step By Step Senior Solutions, I was no stranger in experiencing the heavy and often times, overwhelming feeling one would have when told of a loved one’s health decline or that they could no longer live alone as safety was an issue. The sheer expression on their faces were as though hope of their “normal” would leave and never return, struck me deeply and to my core. I knew that an otherwise logical and heartfelt person under ordinary circumstances could cope and manage with any situation, however, when it touches very close to home, even the most seasoned healthcare professional will feel the effects of sadness, pain, and even temporary loss of hope. I know I did when dealing with the news of my parents requiring more help as their decline was in full progress.

Step By Step Senior Solutions came to me as a means to support, gently lift and guide, and walk alongside my clients who had found themselves in the exact position as I once was in with my beloved parents. We all will be faced with news that requires us to make decisions we perhaps were not wanting, or thinking, or ready to make on behalf of our loved ones, and having a healthcare professional to simply guide you with respect and the desire to alleviate some of your burdens can make the difference of staying overwhelmed, or hearing and choosing a solution that you didn’t even know existed to meet your needs right now, and realizing you have a local Advisor helping you through it, Step By Step until you understand and feel lighter with your “new normal”.

As our aging population only continues to expand, while understanding that healthcare isn’t perfect, and that no one is ever going to be 100% prepared, I am excited to extend our hearts, empathy, compassion and expertise to those who need it. We have but one life on earth, allow us to work with you in finding the solutions that can keep hope alive and prepare for a less worrisome outcome through service, education, experience, and a lot of prayers!


Carmen Klemis


To identify solutions for our adult and senior clients, families and healthcare partners, providing relief from current duress brought on by the inevitable changes that come from health decline and natural aging. To provide education, resources and services as we collaborate in the best interest of all whom we serve through advocacy, compassion, perseverance, preparedness and with the greatest desire of achieving suitable outcomes with respect.


Each of our experts has leadership experience in navigating the senior healthcare puzzle as past administrators, executive directors, directors of development, and directors of nursing.