Step By Step Senior Solutions

Let us assist you with locating the right long term community for your loved ones. You will not just receive a generated list as one of our advisors will personally work with you to implement a course of action, saving you time, energy and stress. Let’s face it, we are all busy with life, work, and other everyday responsibilities. Let us work with you Step By Step through this process. Every client is unique with individualized wants and needs, where your level of discretion and confidentiality becomes our priority. Based on these credentials we thoroughly research options, check availability, and then provide you with multiple solutions.


  • Communicate Your Concerns
  • Discover Your Loved One’s Needs And Wishes
  • Determine Your Loved One’s Physical, Medical & Financial Status
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  • Educate & Advise on Different Solutions
  • Recommend Healthcare Options to Fit Your Needs
  • Provide Senior Living / Placement Options that Meet Your Wishes
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  • Assist You with Implementing Your Course of Action
  • Arrange Facility Tours With Your Family
  • Provide Referrals to Our Extensive List of Trusted Healthcare Providers
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Email us at and one of our experienced advisors will contact you shortly. Need immediate assistance, please call us on 1.480.376.0730

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To identify solutions for our adult and senior clients, families and healthcare partners. We strive to provide relief from current duress brought on by the inevitable changes that come from health decline and natural aging. Through our professional experience, education, and resources we are able to achieve expedited and desirable outcomes.


Families Advised and Educated On Healthcare & Placement Options

50 yrs

Collectively we have over 50 years of healthcare experience helping families like yours

Upcoming Educational Opportunities

Stay tuned for Upcoming Educational Opportunities for you and your Loved Ones.

Remaining educated is very important as you navigate and make decisions for your projected future needs.  Try to begin formulating a plan in the event you or your loved ones may or may not require a higher level of health care.  So often, most of us believe we can always remain at home, however, that isn’t always the case.  Who will help you and who will pay for your additional healthcare? In many cases it all comes with a price.  Are you prepared? No one will be 100% prepared. The best we can do is be informed through research, have discussions with your families and trusted professionals, and do your very best to consider a plan for potential circumstances.

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We were introduced to Carmen at Sante Rehab facility in Chandler, AZ. My dad was needing a place to go in less than a week. (We) didn’t know what to do – we put our hope and faith in Carmen. We sat down and spoke with her and she asked every question that was needed and we had no idea all these things would come into play later.

Needless to say my dad moved into a group home which Carmen helped us find and it was a loving, caring home where my dad did end up passing away. She was again there every step of the way getting us Hospice who were wonderful as well.

Carmen’s resources are like no other – I have never met anyone who had a plethora of knowledge like hers and is very trustworthy – and she always answered her phone…or texted us. We have now adopted her into our family – as she is that kind of person.

I would recommend her company to anyone that is in need!

Cheryl H.
Step-by-Step Senior Solutions was a God-send!!! Our heads were spinning with information overload coming from numerous sources and without a good comprehension of how everything works from Rehab to home, we found ourselves extremely frustrated. They were wonderful in determining our specific needs and directed us in the proper direction saving valuable time and money and truly gave us the confidence that we were ultimately doing the right thing for our loved one.
Denise, Chandler AZ
Without a doubt, Step-by-Step Senior Solutions was the only advocate we had in our situation. Hearing that your Dad can no longer live alone safely, had us go from being logical people, to crazy and overwhelmed in an instant. Representatives from various places claimed they were on our side, however, you soon find out they were not. Step-by-Step Senior Solutions makes you feel that your case is the only one that matters and does not have any hidden agendas. They consider all aspects of the patient needs, family concerns, financial piece, and outlined the next step to take. Once meeting with them, I felt calmer and realized their leadership background in healthcare made all the difference to this professional!
Greg, Phoenix AZ


Email us at and one of our experienced advisors will contact you shortly.
Need immediate assistance, please call us on 1.480.376.0730